Historic Boutique Hotel

This historic home in St. Helena was built in 1885 by Napa Valley pioneer Theron H. Ink and has been a California landmark for more than 130 years.  Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1985,  the home was fully restored to pay homage to the building’s history and re-envisioned with a modern flair.  Working in collaboration with the Castellucci family who purchased the property in 2013, we designed elements in each guest suite that tell the story of Theron Ink, his wife Harriet and the Ranch itself.  The “Elvis Room” was inspired by the singer who stayed on the property while filming “Wild in the Country” in 1960.

The end result is a warm and layered environment, which we achieved through the use of a neutral color palette and organic textures, bold black features and muted accent colors.  Contrasting details, each with their own character, mix together in every room to create inviting and sophisticated spaces that are neither too modern nor too traditional.

Scope of Work: Interior Architecture and Interior Design for Historic Renovation
Architect: Backem Gillam Architects
Developer: Antonio Castellucci
Photographer: David Duncan Livingston

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